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How can I become a HSR?


You might have already heard (but if not!) we’re offering some fantastic training this year at HACSU! If you’re a HACSU member, we’re offering free training in a variety of topics. Click here to download a flyer containing all training events for the year!

For those of you who are nominated as Health and Safety Representatives, we’ve providing free, certified training through your local Trades Hall! You can learn all about your rights and responsibilities as a HSR and what you can do to support those around you. You might not be aware that each designated worksite is required to have a HSR; this means that every disability house can have a HSR!

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But how do I become a HSR?

To become a HSR, you must first be nominated by your Designated Working Group (DWG), as per the section 54 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (2004).

The first thing you can do is find out if your DWG has a HSR. If not, you need to nominate for a vacant HSR position. If there is more than one nominee, an election needs to occur and fellow staff/colleagues will vote on who they wish their HSR to be.  If you’re the only person to apply for the vacant position, you’ll be automatically elected into the HSR position.

Whilst the term lasts for three years; we’d suggest you get trained up as soon as possible to ensure you understand your role! Whilst your employer might offer you training through another provider, we’d highly recommend that your attend the training through HACSU, as it is specifically designed for the sectors we represent!

Click here for more information or to download the training calendar for 2019.