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How to access your HACSU Tax Statement


Did you know your HACSU membership is 100% tax deductible?


Being a HACSU member not only provides you with protection when you have an issue at work, but also saves you money – in more ways than one.


As well as being able to claim your HACSU membership as a work-related expense, saving you money on the income tax you pay, you can also access fantastic discounts through major retailers across Australia!


By logging on to your own Member MyPage, you’ll be able to access discounted shopping and gift vouchers. It’s also where you’ll find your tax statement after July 1st.

With tax time fast approaching, we want to ensure you can access your HACSU tax statement as soon as possible.

We recommend that you log in to MyPage now to familiarise yourself with the online portal. That way, when it’s time to get your tax return sorted, you know exactly where to find your tax statement.


It's easy to login but you can also click here to view detailed instructions on how to access your MyPage for the first time.


We’ll be introducing a whole new range of features in the coming months, including:

  • Accessing copies of your workplace enterprise agreement(s)
  • Online learning and event booking
  • A delegates-only area with tools and resources to support you to support your members
  • Community forums, where you can swap and share information with HACSU members right across Victoria
  • And much, much more!

In unity,