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Important Update for HACSU Members at Scope: Log of Claims for new EBA has been served


Download this newsletter as a PDF to print and put up on your workplace noticeboard.

After talking to members over the last few weeks about what we need to improve for all disability workers at Scope, on Wednesday 2 May, HACSU representatives served a log of claims on the Scope CEO. This means that we have outlined what HACSU members expect from a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA).

An EBA is the document that details your wages, rights at work and the terms and conditions for your working life. Scope currently has an EBA, that covers support workers, community inclusion, instructors and coordinators. However, this EBA has expired, and it fails to reflect disability services under the NDIS.

You must check with your colleagues that everyone is a member of HACSU, as this is our best opportunity to secure better wages and conditions as HACSU are the only specialist disability union who have successfully negotiated above award EBA’s at Yooralla, St John of God, The Tipping Foundation and are currently bargaining with another 40 Victorian disability employers.

We need to fight for a fair go.
To ensure that we can get the best deal, we all need members to take action, this means getting as many people as possible to join HACSU, as well as discussing and updating everyone at your worksite about what HACSU is trying to achieve.
HACSU officials are ready and waiting to visit your worksite. If you would like a HACSU Organiser to speak at a team meeting or arrange to speak to scope staff off site, please call Sam Stewart on 0428 254 376 or email
HACSU will be setting up a bargaining committee to advise HACSU officials on the negotiations and what action members should be taking. If you are interested in getting more involved at this level, please contact Will Elrick on 0427 267 996.

Other Unions.
HACSU is aware that there are other unions that have membership in Scope, however, none of them are the specialised union for Disability Support Workers. HACSU’s results speak for themselves, our members are protected by strong EBAs in the DHHS, The Tipping Foundation, Yooralla, and many others. HACSU members are united and are ready to fight for a fair go.

Increasing Membership in Scope.
For HACSU officials in negotiations to get the best deal, members will need to recruit others in their worksite, we are stronger together! You can easily
Make sure this newsletter is posted on your workplace notice board. You can download the PDF version here.

HACSU will provide regular updates on the negotiations so make sure your email and postal address are update with the HACSU office.

HACSU officials are ready and waiting to visit your worksite, if you would like a HACSU Organiser  to speak at a team meeting or arrange to speak to scope staff off-site, please call Sam Stewart on 0428 254 376 or email

What is in the Log of Claims?
For the comprehensive log of claims you can click here to view the document, otherwise keep reading below for an easy to read summary:

HACSU has requested a 4-year agreement that focuses on giving all disability support workers a fair go, this means:

  • A wage increase of 3.5% each year,
  • No reductions of current allowances or shift penalties,
  • More wage increments so that employees can earn more every year they work,
  • Increase parental leave to 10 weeks for primary caregiver and 3 weeks for secondary caregiver,
  • The inclusion of a family violence leave clause for victims of domestic violence,
  • Long service leave to be paid at your current rate of pay,
  • Introduction of 5 days compassionate leave for employees who are grieving over the loss of an immediate family member,
  • Improving, modernising, and ensure that the major change, dispute resolution, and discipline clauses give all employees a fair go,
  • The introduction of several new allowances, including a meal allowance, first aid allowance, and an on-call allowance.
  • Increasing the sleepover allowance to over $90 for weeknights and over $100 for weekends and public holidays,
  • Introduction of a clothing allowance for over $500 per year,
  • Introduction of additional hours in roster lines for permeant employees so that they can complete paper work,
  • Minimum shift length of 3.5 hours for all employees,
  • A clause to ensure that permanent employees have first access to vacant shifts,
  • A clause that allows casual employees to become permanent after a certain period of time,
  • Introduction of rostering principles that ensure fair roster lines,
  • A clause that provides paid time release, and reimbursement for travel to attend training,
  • Introduction of study leave for employees undertaking further education related to their work,
  • A qualification allowance for employees who hold a qualification related to their work,
  • And much, much more…..

In solidarity,