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Mambourin EBA Termination Application


Mambourin Enterprises Limited (Mambourin) offers employment, education and training to adults with a disability. Mambourin employs workers who are members of The Health and Community Services Union (HACSU) and the Australian Education Union (AEU).

Mambourin has applied to the Fair Work Commission to terminate its longstanding Collective Enterprise Agreement (EBA) with its staff.

They want to reduce staff wages, and reduce annual leave, personal leave, and long service leave for its staff. Their justification for this is financial constraints resulting from the introduction of the NDIS. Workers have been told that unless they accept these changes, their job security is in jeopardy. HACSU has raised with Mambourin’s management that some of the information it has given to their staff has been incorrect and misleading.  

Mambourin has not attempted to bargain for a new agreement, despite being invited to do so.

Mambourin’s tactics towards their staff have been misleading. The NDIS has brought structural changes to the disability sector, but these changes, we believe, cannot be used as justification by large NGO providers to erode workers’ rights and conditions. Both HACSU and the AEU oppose Mambourin’s application.

This is an extremely important case, both for the lives and livelihoods of people with disabilities, HACSU members, as well as for the wider issues at stake for disability workers across Australia. HACSU will continue to campaign for all members across the disability sector in this time of uncertainty.

HACSU members will not accept that the NDIS can be used to justify an erosion of workers’ rights and conditions; not least in the context of price rises within the NDIS scheme. We will oppose Mambourin’s application in the Fair Work Commission and use the collective voice of the HACSU membership to campaign against any and all businesses that attempt to follow suit.

We will keep HACSU members updated as the case progresses. Meanwhile, we are consulting with disability advocates and other allies to campaign against all businesses who fail to protect the rights and interests of their workforce by applying to terminate Enterprise Agreements. If you wish to lend your voice or support to this campaign, please get in touch with us via email -


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