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Melba Aren't Listening


Last week we contacted members to advise of the issues impacting members working at Melba who haven't been seconded from DHHS. 

We wanted to update you now about the issues being faced by these workers, who aren't being listened to.

Unfortunately, we remain unable to move forward with many of HACSU members' claims. We've also heard that Melba members who are seconded from DHHS have been contacted by Melba officials about this issue.

Melba officials have not responded to HACSU claims and as a result, we have resumed our application to the Fair Work Commission. The application to deal with the bargaining dispute will be heard on Wednesday 4th of December.

Whilst this doesn't affect members who are transferring from DHHS, we need all members to know: this is who we're dealing with.

In solidarity for your colleagues and comrades working at Melba, who are fighting for their right to be heard, let them know you've got their back. 

If you see these members or work alongside them, let them know you care, and that we're together in this fight.

We're all disability workers, and we all deserve to have fair wages and conditions for the work we do.