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Members WIN at MOIRA!


We've got great news!

Recently MOIRA has been acquired by LWB, resulting in staff being transferred over to LWB. While initially members were advised they would not lose any hours in the transfer process, LWB cut hours back to the minimum contracted hours.

After a lengthy process, the Fair Work Commission announced last week that twelve workers who previously had their hours cut will receive increased hours. 

HACSU officials will continue to be involved, advocating that in 2020 when a roster review is completed, the process is fair and equitable. The affected members will receive updated offers from LWB later this week.

We want to congratulate the affected members on this fantastic win and acknowledge your work, as well as the work of HACSU officials in this process.

MEMbers WIN! (2)

It pays to be part of the union – we wouldn’t be able to get great wins like these if it weren’t for our dedicated members. To ensure all workers in the health and community services sectors are well supported, we need as many members as possible to be part of the union. The more members we have, the louder our collective voice!

If you want to learn more about the benefits of being a HACSU member get in touch today. We can organise to visit your workplace and talk to your colleagues about being part of something bigger!

Thanks to the work of members and officials at HACSU, we were able to secure this great win!