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Mental Health EBA Mass Members Meeting!


Members working under the Victorian Public Mental Health agreement are invited to the upcoming mass meeting to discuss your next EBA!

This meeting is crucial as we'll be endorsing the Log of Claims (LOC) for your next EBA.


Statewide EBA Meeting

Trades Hall Solidarity Room

Tuesday December 10th 1:30pm
54 Victoria Street Carlton

BBQ lunch to follow!

This is not a paid meeting so please speak with you manager, use time in lieu or breaks in order to attend.

We need a diverse voice of the membership to endorse the EBA claims - if you’re not rostered on to work, we want to see you at the meeting!


We have written to your employers to request that you attend but if you’re working, you’ll need to discuss your attendance with your line manager in order to attend. You may be able to use time in lieu or breaks to attend; please discuss this with your employer.

Transport may be provided, assessed based on needs. If you require transportation of have any other questions about the meeting, please speak with your HACSU Organiser.

For many years, HACSU members have fought for better mental health services across Victoria. We know that the only means to provide quality services is through a well supported workforce.

Beginning this year, our EBA campaign will focus on the things you identified as most important: workers, wages and wellbeing.

Our industry faces many risks into the future and one of the ways we can protect ourselves is by forcefully campaigning for a strong EBA.

Copy of Copy of MH Statewide Poster