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Mental Health Royal Commission Update


We have some big news about the Royal Commission into Mental Health and the next steps you need to take to help shape the sector going forward.

Community Consultations:

Community Consultations have been announced and we're hoping you can attend one near you. 

Consultations taking place in the next two weeks include Whittlesea, Pakenham, Hamilton and Geelong. 

Register NOW to attend a community consultation near you or find out more click here or go to:

It's important that HACSU members attend these consultations to provide insights to the Government about your work and the issues facing the sector. 

We know there will be a lot of voices to be heard throughout the Royal Commission process. In order to get the best possible outcomes for the workforce, increase services and staffing and stop violence in mental health we need YOU as front-line workers to raise your voices!

HACSU Workforce Survey:

Very soon you'll receive a survey from us relating to workplace issues in the mental health sector. 

We need EVERY MEMBER to complete the survey.

It's important that we hear about your experiences in the sector so we can gather opinions from all workers from different disciplines and regions in the State. 

In the meanwhile, you can read all about our proposals for the Royal Commission. 

Click here to read out proposals and let us know when you complete the survey if there are other proposals we need to make in the Royal Commission. 

Did you put forward a submission to the Terms of Reference? We want to hear from you!
If you have any questions or want to chat to us about anything in this email, please contact Assist or your Organiser.