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Mobility Restrictions


HACSU has been receiving reports about disability Providers using labour hire workforce in residential settings, when there are staff in their own services available to work, claiming the mobility requirements of the Facility Care Directions are the reason for this. 

The intent of the Facility Care Directions is to minimise the risk of transmission of COVID19 into residential disability settings. 

This direction allows for movement of staff across more than one worksite where it is operationally required, and requires monitoring of this movement, but does not prohibit it. Labour hire mobility restrictions are more difficult to manage and have been shown to be a key risk in disability settings.

The highest control measure is to ensure that along with minimising movement of staff, that local, provider employed staff are being used before labour hire. 

For transferred staff, the DSEAV also requires the providers to exhaust their own staff, including overtime,  before using labour hire.

HACSU is working with the Department to have the intent of this direction strengthened in their communications and to ensure this is understood by providers. 

If you believe that this is occurring in your workplace, please let us know the details so that we can follow this up with your Employer directly.