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NDIS Independent Review: Findings Released


Results from a review into the National Disability Insurance Scheme released yesterday confirm what HACSU members have talked about over many years; workers, families and participants are frustrated.

Minister for NDIS, Stuart Robert has stated yesterday that findings of the independent review show that whilst the Government has set the foundations for the NDIS, participants are continually frustrated by long wait times, unnecessarily complex processes and lack of thorough understanding for the needs of people with disability.

There have been 29 recommendations set out in the review detailing sorely needed improved, including extending NDIS plans from two to three years if needs of participants are deemed “stable”.

As a part of the review, it was also recognised that NDIS planners have often not possessed specialist skillsets, “particularly in disability awareness”, and that further training and better communication is required for all workers providing NDIS services.

Further, there is an acknowledgement of the requirement for significant workforce growth in the disability sector that will require an investment in training and retention strategies to ensure the workforce is capable, well supported and well remunerated.

HACSU Assistant State Secretary, Kate Marshall said: “HACSU officials and members have lobbied for years for changes to the NDIS to ensure the voice of disability support workers is heard and that workers can advocate for the people they’ve worked with for decades prior to the introduction of the NDIS.”

“Employers across the disability sector must take notice of these recommendations, particularly the need for a highly-skilled workforce to support people with disability. In order to attract and retain good quality workers, employers need to pay workers better, and the NDIS pricing needs to continue to cover the cost of a quality workforce.”

"We welcome any changes that will better meet the needs of disability support workers, people with disability, their families and communities".