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National news: HSU welcomes Labor’s plan to fix care work pay


The Health Services Union (HSU) welcomes the announcement today that an Albanese Labor Government will strengthen the Fair Work Commission’s powers to order pay increases for workers in low paid, female-dominated care sectors.

Quotes attributable to HSU National Secretary Lloyd Williams:

“The HSU is pleased to see a real plan from the Labor Government for workforce development in the care sectors. Currently, the mechanisms to ensure the care sectors have the capacity to address low wages are extremely restrictive and adversarial. This has resulted in the persistent undervaluing of the critical aged care and disability workforces.”

“Australia will continue to see the demand for aged care and disability support workers rapidly grow. We need a government that is focused on fixing the system to offer secure jobs that are highly valued and fairly paid to attract and retain workers.”

“The Morrison Government is bereft of ideas, plans or vision for the rapidly increasing care workforces. For nine years we have seen nothing but neglect of these critical workers who are predominantly women.”

“We must have a government that is preparing for future care workforce demands, and the announcements from Labor today are a positive step towards this.”

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