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New Disability Code of Conduct for DHHS Disability Workers


Knowledge is power. Keep your colleagues informed by downloading this newsletter as a PDF to print and put up on your workplace noticeboard.

You may have heard about a new Code of Conduct for disability workers in your team meetings. 

The new Code has come about as a result of the Parliamentary Inquiry into Abuse in Disability Services, and the DHHS have adopted a new Code of Conduct for Disability Workers. The code is now DHHS policy and is currently in effect.

Disability service workers must:

1. Provide services without engaging in abuse, exploitation, harassment or neglect.

2. Report any form of abuse or suspected abuse.

3. Not engage in sexual abuse or misconduct and must report any such conduct by other workers, people with a disability, family members, carers or community members.

4. Show respect for cultural differences when providing services.

5. Act ethically, with integrity, honesty and transparency.

HACSU representatives engaged heavily in the development of the code to make sure it was fair on workers, and we endorse it. 

Recently you may have been asked to sign a declaration advising that you had been made aware of the Code. We encourage you to sign the declaration. You can elect not to sign the declaration, but this doesn't change the fact that you will still be bound by the code.

Any concerns or queries about the new Code of Conduct, contact HACSU Assist via email or via phone during business hours (03) 9340 4100.