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New fact sheets on occupational health and safety available


We've created these handy fact sheets to help you to understand and remember your Occupational Health and Safety Rights in your workplace. 

Over 160 years, unionists like yourselves have campaigned to reduce injury, illness and ill health within the workplace.

Many of the current rights we have wouldn't have been won without strong unions made up of members like you!

One of the fact sheets outlines your rights to safety at work. It is designed for all workers and reflects the relevant sections relating to the Victorian OHS Act (2004). Click here to download and print.

Another fact sheet we have created provides details about rights and powers for those of you who are OHS Reps. Click here to download and print.

Statistics show that workplaces with high union density are safer than those lacking union representation. Workers in a unionised workplace are 70 per cent more likely to be aware of OHS hazards and issues. If your colleagues aren't HACSU members, talk to them about the benefits of signing up today!

For more information or if you have questions relating to any Occupational Health and Safety issues in your workplace, please contact your OHS Representative or HACSU Assist on 1300 651 931.

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