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Not a good headspace!

Fighting for better wages and conditions for headspace clinicians.

Headspace clinicians are some of the lowest paid mental health workers in Victoria. These clinicians do an incredibly difficult job, providing clinical psychiatric services for young people in crisis. Headspace clinicians work in a face to face setting at headspace centres around Australia. Clinicians also work over 24 hours providing over the phone and online advice through the eheadspace centre.

So what’s the go with working conditions at headspace?

Working with a dark cloud over your head

Poor working conditions mean that Headspace clinicians work with a dark cloud hanging over their heads. With no job security, no career structures, decent pay or conditions, workers have no certainty about their jobs.

Could you deliver critical mental health services for young people in crisis with a dark cloud over your head?

Sign or be sacked

Headspace, a valuable counselling service for young Australians, threatened employees over night they would be sacked if they didn’t sign a new contract in the space of 24 hours. 

After a campaign by the Health and Community Services Union to support these mental health clinicians, Headspace individually contacted all 80 clinicians to threaten them to sign at headspaces ‘e-headspace’ service. The clinicians were told that if they didn’t sign the contract they would not be coming back to work.

This is blatant bullying from an organisation which seeks to promote health and wellbeing. 

The campaign for an EBA!

Headspace clinicians are employed on 12 month contracts.

HACSU maintains concerns that

  • The contracts offer no wage increase – effectively a wage reduction for employees considering CPI
  • Why are these contracts not ongoing? Insecure work is a huge contributor to anxiety amongst many people
  • Employees are required to complete any duties not on their position description

HACSU have asked headspace to come to the table to negotiate for a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA), however headspace have refused. Sign the petition so that clinicians can work without a dark cloud over their heads!