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Notice Of Election: HACSU Branch Committee Of Management (BCOM)


A casual vacancy has arisen for one (1) position of Ordinary Member on the HACSU Branch Committee of Management (BCOM).


The BCOM comprises 15 members, including 7 Officers and 8 Ordinary Members, who represent HACSU's membership. The BCOM is responsible for ensuring the sound and ethical governance of the Union's business. Members of BCOM are obligated, under the Union's rules and the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act, to exercise their duty with care, diligence, good faith, and in the best interest of HACSU and our members.


If you're interested in taking up an unpaid voluntary role in the governance of the Union, please acquaint yourself with the requirements of the role and the Union's rules (in particular, PART C - BRANCH ORGANISATION). Click here to view the rules. The person elected will be required to undergo mandatory training in union governance. BCOM holds at least six full-day meetings per year; paid time release may be available, subject to the EBA that applies to the Member.


Please see following link for information about the upcoming election including instructions for nomination: Health Services Union - Election Notice E2023/27.

Please click here (or below) to download a PDF copy of the election notice.