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Payday super petition for Monash Workers


HACSU won payday super in the last Mental Health EBA!


But Monash won’t pass this onto our members — they say they can’t separate the super payments just for the mental health staff.

So, HACSU are demanding that Monash pay super each fortnight for ALL STAFF, and we need your help to win this! All you need to do is sign this petition!

Why do we want this?

Because getting superannuation paid into your super fund every fortnight can increase your super balance by thousands of dollars for your retirement.

We’ve been lobbying hard to win super on the day you earn it and have spoken to many members of parliament — so much so that it's becoming federal law. So, Monash will have to pay in any event!

But the government won’t be passing on this change until after 2025. Until then, your employer only has to pay your super into your fund every 3 months — that means that they get more interest on your money!

HACSU won this entitlement to help reduce the gendered super gap for women and for all those suffering low super balances in retirement.

Our members work in a traditionally female dominated industry. They have been historically underpaid for the work that they do. The average woman spends 11 years of their career out of the workforce, and many are only able to work part-time hours. This has led to the majority of women suffering low super balances and we’re fighting to fix this gap.

If you want to learn more: read this HESTSA ISA report on the benefits of paying super on payday, and this article from HESTA in support of the government’s decision to pass on our win to all workers.

It's shameful that Monash are not passing on this right to their workforce!  Instead, they’re keeping your balances for up to 3 months and earning interest of your hard-earned money.

That money should be in your super fund!

We all need Monash to pass on this entitlement!

We're urging every Monash worker to sign our petition and help us to win payday super for all Monash health staff! Click here to sign.