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Permitted Worker Permits


The Permitted Worker Permits will come into place from 11:59pm tonight, Wednesday 05th August. The Government announced earlier this week that current restrictions across Metropolitan Melbourne will require essential workers to carry a permit when travelling to and from work.

The new regulations state that it is your employer’s responsibility to provide you with a permit. If you are rostered to attend work and you have not been provided with a permit, please contact your line manager as soon as possible to request they provide you with a permit.

If you are working from home, or you are not working at present, you will not require a permit.


Questions and Answers:


Do I need a Permitted Worker Permit?

If you are required to work outside of your home, your work is a permitted activity, and you live or work in Melbourne, you will require a permit. HACSU members are essential workers and most should be allowed to work during this period of restrictions. If you are unsure whether you are allowed to work, please speak with your employer or contact us. You must carry the permit with you at all times when travelling to and from work.

A letter from your employer will not be sufficient, you will need this specific permit.


How do I get a permit?

A Permitted Worker Permit is provided to you by your employer. It includes details of your organisation, workplace and your rostered dates and times of work. The permit can be completed by any designated person at your workplace.

After your employer completes the form, they will provide it to you to be signed, either printed, emailed or via SMS. You can either sign a printed copy or digitally sign the form using your computer or a phone app. Police may be required to call the designated person, so if you are required to be a designated person, you may be required to confirm employment/shifts for your colleagues or team members.


What happens if I am stopped by police without a permit?

You may face a fine of up to $19,826 if you are without a permit; it’s really important that you get a permit before travelling to and from work after midnight tonight. If you have any issues with your employer providing you a permit, please escalate this to your line manage. If you’re still having issues, you can contact HACSU Assist for advice, however please note that we cannot provide your permit – this must be provided by your employer.


I’m a casual worker and my shifts aren’t set ahead of the next week.

That’s okay, if you’re a casual worker, just fill in the shifts you know you have coming up. Your employer can provide you with a new permit if your roster changes in the next six weeks.

What if I pick up a shift that’s not listed on my permit?

If you pick up a last minute shift, that’s not on your permit and you are stopped by police, let them know of your circumstances and they may request to call your employer to verify the new shift.


Can I use my workplace ID instead of a permit?

The current restrictions note:

Law enforcement, emergency services workers and health workers who carry an employer-issued photographic ID which clearly identifies the employer may be used in place of a permit - this means a hospital ID for workers in mental health. 
Please note this is subject to change, and we will keep members updated.

I work across multiple employers or sites, is that permitted?

The Government has recommended that employers minimise workers travelling across multiple sites to reduce risk of infection. If you must work across multiple sites, or multiple employers, you may need a permit from each, with a separate contact person across each employer/site. You must also keep a log of when you have worked at which sites, that may be required for contact-tracing purposes.


I am an essential worker and have children at school/childcare.

There will be a secondary permit for use if you have children at childcare, kindergarten and school, as proof of your essential worker status. If you have children at school or childcare, you will be asked to provide another simple Government permit in order to leave your children there while you work. Further information will be available soon on this secondary permit. 


Someone else drives me to and from work.

This is allowed where you are a dependant of the person driving you and you will need to show your permit to justify the travel for the person driving.


I work for myself or as a sub-contractor; I’m my own employer.

If you are a sole trader, you must complete the entire form, as both the employer and employee. If you are a sub-contractor, your employer should still complete the permit and provide it to you.


What should I do if I have any questions?

  1. Contact your line manager, supervisor or HR department and ask them questions.
  2. If you’re still unable to get your questions answered, contact HACSU Assist on 1300 651 931 or

For more information, or to download a copy of the Permitted Worker Permit, go to:


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