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Proposed DHHS Disability Justice teams


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HACSU has written to the DHHS regarding the following matters:

1.      Proposed Disability Justice worker EFT is inadequate and fails to properly contemplate:

  • hours for CMIAs, Justice Plans, Client Overview Reports, arranging Forensic Assessments, timeframes in file reviews for Psychologist assessments
  • Court attendance travel time, in particular rural/regional teams attending Court in Melbourne
  • statewide increase in number of Justice cases
  • Wangaratta cases have recently doubled
  • Central Highlands recently had 50 justice cases allocated 2EFT
  • Outer Gippsland with 25 cases only allocated 0.5EFT.
  • Loddon Area area statistics indicates a minimum 3.6 EFT, but allocated 2.5EFT
  • stats underpinning EFT calculation are averages, don’t allow for future increases cases.

2.            Confirming Team Leader function shouldn’t currently carry a case load.

3.            Seeking full detail of reporting line for Disability Justice Team Leaders.

4.            Confirming cl 40 HACSU DHHS Enterprise Agreement applies for staff appointed to a lower classification than current classification.

5.      Raising Shepparton Case Management team vacancy issues

6.         Seeking detail of support provided to Case Managers/Support Coordinators to transition to ‘justice approach’.

7.         Seeking confirmation Case Managers employed on time-limited contract/s for more than six months will be eligible to apply for Disability Justice positions.

8.         Raising concerns about the authority level of Loddon Area Team Leader

9.         Seeking confirmation that current Loddon Area Disability Client Services 5.6 EFT willl remain post implementation of the Disability Justice Team.

10.       Confirming staff can get help update resumes and interview skills/techniques.

11.       Seeking a full-service review six months after new Disability Justice teams

12.       Seeking prompt provision of data including: number of justice clients by area, EFT Case Management and Disability Justice Teams by classification for each area, contract usage.