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Psychologists Agreement Update


The Psychologists agreement is now in the process of being certified by the Fair Work Commission. The length of this process is not bound by any time restraints, and will depend on the Commissioner appointed and the back log of other agreements waiting to be certified.

HACSU bargained intensely through Forensicare negotiations knowing that all conditions will be transferred to psycholiogsts around the state.

All members should be congratulated for the fantastic outcomes in this agreement. Some of these new benefits include:

  • An addition 5 days leave per year with a 17.5% leave loading. This leave will begin to accrue as of the date of approval.
  • 3.25% increase per year for 4 years. Increase will occur on January 25 each year, for four years, including 2017. Members will receive a back payment of 3.25% of all wages earned (including allowances and entitlements) from 25 January, 2017 to the date of approval.
  • A ‘sign on bonus’ of $750 and (pro rata for part timers) which will be paid on the first pay period to commence on or after the date of approval.
  • A four year agreement, offering members the opportunity to renegotiate wages again in four years.

The sign on bonus and back pay will be paid across two pay cycles. HACSU made this request to avoid massive taxes on these payments. As soon as the agreement is certified by the Fair Work Commission, members can expect these payments in the following pay cycles.

HACSU will be in touch with the VHIA to keep members updated on this process and all relevant timeframes.

Full details of the final agreement document are available here