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Public Mental Health EBA: motion passes on timeline and further action


For two and a half years, mental health staff have been working in extreme conditions. They have worked long hours, in full PPE, while extremely short staffed.
HACSU members have been patient. We have been patient while the Royal Commission recommendations were made. We have been bargaining in good faith for over two years — and HACSU members have achieved some great outcomes, however, are yet to see those results. It is unjust that hard working mental health workers are not paid fairly, especially in today’s economic climate.
HACSU members condemn the VHIA and the Department of Health for not progressing the agreed outcome since the Heads of Agreement were signed in November 2021. Their slow progress shows a complete lack of respect for the mental health workforce. We call on the Andrews Government to intervene and speed up the progression of the EBA to certification.
If the agreement has not progressed to a vote by Thursday 7th of April, HACSU members endorse a 24 hour state wide stop work and the re-introduction of protected actions bans as determined by HACSU members.

The above motion was moved and carried at today's statewide stop work.

Thank you to all of the members across Victoria who stopped work today. We saw real pressure being applied to services, and management felt the impact of members' actions.

If the Victorian Public Mental Health Services Enterprise Agreement has not progressed to a vote by Thursday April 7, HACSU will contact members regarding the reintroduction of bans (at the 17 employers where protected action has been voted up).

Organisers for sites that have voted up protected action are listed below.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with your organiser or contact us at or on 1300 651 931.

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