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What is Rainbow HACSU?

Rainbow HACSU is a collective of HACSU members who support equality for the LGBTIQ community. HACSU members who identify as LGBTIQ and allies can join.

When did it start?

HACSU has been involved with union movement wide activism on social justice issues since our foundation. In 2017, several HACSU members and staff organised the first LGBTI committee meeting and when the marriage equality postal survey happened - HACSU members came together to turn out the vote and fight for equality. 

How can I get involved?

  1. Sign up to the mailing list  
  2. Join the Facebook group
  3. March with HACSU at Pride March!   Sunday 28th January at 2pm from Ian Johnson Oval in St Kilda.

Later in 2018 you can come to an activist meeting, take action in your workplace or take part in a webinar to learn more about how you can be inclusive in your workplace for LGBTIQ workmates and the clients we support. You can take the survey to share what you'd like Rainbow HACSU to focus on and facilitate in 2018 here .

To know what's going on sign up to the Rainbow HACSU mailing list or get in touch with Rainbow HACSU organisers Amy or Will.

We celebrated a big first year at the 2017 Rainbow HACSU End of Year Picnic

Useful resources about LGBTIQ inclusion

Basic information about the LGBTIQ Community:

Face the Facts: Australian Human Rights Commission

An infographic of facts and figures on the LGBTIQ experience in  Australia .

About being "out" at work:

Nancy Podcast - Out at Work episode

An American perspective.

What do the all the different words mean?

Minister for Equality's Inclusive Language Guide

The Victorian Government's plain language guide to using the right words / inclusive language

101 Explainer Videos about Transgender issues


"Ask a Trans Man" with Scott Turner Schofield 


Intersex for Allies

From the International Intersex Organisation


About being LGBTIQ and having a disability

Institutionalized Queers: 
Homosexuality in Residential Facilities for People with Cognitive Disabilities

2006 Academic Article from Germany.


About being LGBTIQ and being a mental health consumer

Coming soon


Share resources you think HACSU members should know about by contacting Amy Jenkins, Rainbow HACSU Organiser: amyj[at]

Rainbow HACSU Contacts: 

Amy Jenkins:  Media & Communications Officer / Rainbow HACSU Organiser


Will Elrick: HACSU Area Organiser  /  Rainbow HACSU Organiser