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Reproductive Health and Wellbeing Leave- what they said


The support for HACSU's Reproductive Health and Wellbeing Leave campaign has come in thick and fast. 

Adovacy within our own four walls and support from one of the biggest trade unions in Australia means our campaign is rapidly growing. 

Here is what some key voices said about the historic claim: 

HACSU Assistant State Secretary, Kate Marshall

"Five days' leave isn’t going to cover it all, but it's a start," Marshall told Workplace Express.

"We want to move from it being a taboo subject into an annual entitlement." 

Health Services Union National Secretary, Lloyd Williams

"When people are undergoing things like IVF, technically they’re not unwell in terms of sick leave and the like," Williams told Workplace Express.

"It's a gendered industry that we work within and we need to think outside the square in terms of workplace rights." 

Australian Council of Trade Unions President, Michele O'Neil

"Workers who are going through IVF, having other fertility-related treatments, vasectomies or hysterectomies or gender reassignment procedures should not be forced to take sick leave or personal leave," O'Neil told Workplace Express.
"The drain that these procedures causes in other forms of leave disproportionately effects women and trans people and this new entitlement would create a more equal and accommodating workplace – something we should always be working towards." 

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