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Safe and Respectful Workplaces Training – coming up in June!


Gendered violence is any behaviour, action, system or structure that harms a worker because of their sex, gender, or sexual orientation — including not adhering to gender stereotypes or societal gender roles. It is rooted in gender inequality, the abuse of power and harmful norms.

Gendered violence has no place in workplaces. It causes injury to workers.

Gendered violence is a workplace health and safety issue.

Like with any other OHS issue, union members can eliminate the risk of gendered violence.

That’s why HACSU is offering Safe and Respectful Workplaces training in June for HACSU members.  

HACSU has secured this training for free, exclusively for HACSU members. We think it’s vital to ensure that members in our industries have the opportunity to learn about gendered violence and develop skills to create positive changes at work. This training is usually over $140 per participant, so this is a fantastic opportunity for HACSU members to access free training for a limited time.  

This training explores what gendered violence looks like, how it can affect women and LGBTIQ+ workers, and how unionists can draw on existing equal opportunity and discrimination legislation, OHS regulations, and practical skills to create real cultural change in the workplace

“This is an excellent, practical training. I am walking away feeling empowered and better equipped to support union members in the workplace experiencing gendered violence.” — Mia, CPSU.  

When: 21 June 2022, 9AM – 3:15PM

Where: Victorian Trades Hall, Meeting Room 2.1
54 Victoria Street, Carlton VIC 3053  

Who: ALL HACSU members are welcome!
Gendered violence impacts all workers, and anyone keen to get involved and learn more is welcome.
There is a limited number of places available, so spots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.  

Contact: Fiona McCandless,  

Time-release is available — register ASAP if required.


Come along and hear about how union members can work together to stop gendered violence at work. 

This training is open to HACSU members only. We’ll discuss gendered OHS issues specific to our sectors and how to identify and manage these issues (particularly complexities of gendered occupational violence from vulnerable clients).

“The training was an eye opener in the myriad of things that influence, impact and cause gendered violence. I now feel more informed to be able to address the cultural issues that support those who perpetrate GV.” – Andy, CWU member.