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Save the Ballarat CCU!


We're campaigning to keep the Ballarat CCU open!

HACSU members are fighting hard to stop the closure of the Ballarat Continuing Care Unit (CCU). This essential service is critical for Ballarat and the surrounding communities.

The CCU provides 24-hour clinical care and residential rehabilitation for people living with severe mental illness, comorbid issues and other disabilities. Without it, it is unclear where these consumers will receive the support or treatment they require.

Talk to your colleagues today about this important issue!

If this change goes ahead, it will mean that consumers needing support from a CCU will be left with the only options of travelling to either Bendigo or Melbourne. The catchment area includes as far as Warrnambool and Geelong.

The CCU has been mismanaged for two years, since HACSU last campaigned against the closure of the CCU and community consultation took place to keep it open.

If you'd like to speak to Organiser Lisa about your concerns, get in touch

keep the ccu open