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Scope EBA Update: We're Fighting For Better Rights For Casuals


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HACSU has continued meeting with Scope management to bargain for a new and improved EBA. Over the last couple of weeks, HACSU representatives have presented clauses to Scope to consider as we write the new EBA. It’s important to remember we are still in negotiations, so we nothing has been agreed to yet. If we don’t grow the strength of the union, we may not get everything we are after. However, HACSU organisers are confident that the clauses we put forward are reasonable and can easily be part of the new EBA, making Scope a better place to work.

Here are two of the clauses THAT we have put forward:

Casual Conversion

This clause would assist in reducing the ongoing use of casual employees. The idea is that if you have been working at a worksite for over 6 months in the same roster line, you can be made permanent part-time without having to go through another interview process. There will be a few conditions on this clause, so remember to keep and eye out for the details. Also, don’t stress if you’re a casual and don’t want to change your working arrangements, you can’t be forced to change to part-time.


This clause is simple and great! The concept is that if you get underpaid, and it’s not your fault, Scope have to correct the problem within 1 business day or you are entitled to overtime on your future shifts until the error is rectified. Remember, Scope haven’t agreed to this yet, we need to grow the strength of HACSU to win clauses like this!

Speak to a Union representative today!

You may have noticed that HACSU representatives have been doing the rounds and are trying to visit as many worksites and speak to as many workers as possible. Scope have agreed to HACSU representatives attending worksites after or before team meetings, or during lunch breaks if no clients are around. It’s important that all Scope Disability Support Workers are speaking to HACSU representatives about what is important about their work. These conversations are the foundation to our bargaining and claims!


Important information for Team Leaders / Service Coordinators

HACSU organisers are eager to speak to team leaders and service coordinators, while you may not be covered by the current agreement, it is possible that you will be into the future. We need to understand more about your role and how changes could affect you. If you are a Team Leader / Service Coordinators please contact HACSU:

Will Elrick: 0427 267 996 or

Sam Stewart: 0428 254 376 or

HACSU Assist (Sue or Tom): (03) 9340 4100 or

Special shout out to Christine Watt

Chris is a dedicated and keen delegate who has been assisting HACSU representatives with the negotiations. She attended her first bargaining meeting this week and will continue to fight for better conditions for herself and all her colleagues. HACSU’s campaign to improve conditions for Scope employees, requires more members like Chris, if you want to be more engaged in HACSU’s campaign, please contact HACSU:

Will Elrick: 0427 267 996 or

Sam Stewart: 0428 254 376 or