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Scope EBA Update - we've had out first negotiations meeting, let's make sure we're a force to be reckoned with


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Wednesday June 6 

10am – 12pm

Central Ringwood Community Centre – Room 10

EBA Negotiations

The first bargaining meeting for a new Scope Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) happened last Tuesday 22 May 2018. HACSU representatives were able to take Scope through our log of claims, which contains all the clauses we want included in the new EBA. Scope also took HACSU representatives through their log of claims which contains all the clauses they want included in the new EBA. The next bargaining meeting will occur on Wednesday 6 June. Stay tuned!

We will be providing you with regular updates about how the bargaining is going. If you have any questions, please contact HACSU Assist on 9340 4100.


Your Rights at Work

HACSU members have reported that managers are instructing Scope employees not to speak to Union representatives at work. Be aware that you have the right to speak to a union representative at work.

You have the right to be a member of a union.

You have the right to speak to about being a union member and what we’re fighting for to your colleagues while you’re at work!

You are allowed to speak to your union organiser while you are at work.

We encourage all members to engage with other employees about what HACSU is fighting for in this EBA and the benefits of being a union member.


Other Unions
HACSU representatives are aware that there are other unions that have membership in Scope, however, none of them are the specialised union for Disability Support Workers. HACSU’s results throughout the disability sector speak for themselves: our members are protected by strong EBAs in the DHHS, The Tipping Foundation, Yooralla, Villa Maria Catholic Homes, and many others. HACSU members are united and are ready to fight for a fair go.

Increasing Hacsu Membership AT Scope
We are stronger together! For HACSU representatives in negotiations to get the best deal, members will need to recruit others in their worksites. You can easily join HACSU by clicking here.
Make sure this newsletter is posted on your workplace notice boardYou can download the PDF version here.

HACSU representatives are ready and waiting to visit your worksite. If you would like a HACSU Organiser to speak at a team meeting or arrange to speak to scope disability support workers off-site, please contact:

Sam Stewart


Will Elrick