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St John of God EBA: Vote YES!


HACSU representatives have negotiated an EBA with St John of God which protects your conditions and wins better pay and new leave provisions.

This is another win after HACSU pushed for Marillac employees to be paid at the higher rate that St John of God employees were paid after the two organisations merged last year.

Your HACSU industrial advocates and organisers encourage you to VOTE YES in the online ballot that is current occurring. Click here to see a step by step guide to voting yes in the St John of God EBA ballot.

6 Reasons to vote YES to the St John of God EBA

  1. Pay

The approach to pay increases is the same as we have in place for the existing Agreement ie: they are tied to the Annual Wage Review (AWR) issued by the Fair Work Commission, and further adjusted as necessary in accordance with the Equal Remuneration Order (ERO).  AWR increases apply in July each year, and ERO increases in December each year.
If the AWR increase is less than the following, then these amounts will apply:
July 2018 – 2.5%
July 2019 – 2%
July 2020 – 2%.

2. The allowances will be increased by the same rate as the July increase, either the AWR amount or the SJG minimum.

3. A new extensive ‘family violence clause’ – because being safe shouldn’t put your job at risk.

4. A new cultural and ceremonial leave clause.

5. Excursion allowance tied to Sleepover allowance

6. Improved delegate and union access provisions – so we can continue to work together to build union power and organise for better pay and conditions!

Your HACSU Organiser Eli Donal will be organising meetings in the coming weeks to discuss how the EBA will affect and benefit you.

If you have any queries or want to know more about how this EBA will affect you – call HACSU Assist or your organiser Eli on 1300 651 931 or (03) 9340 4100.