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Support Disability Support Workers at Mambourin


We're contacting members with an update on the issues facing HACSU members working at Mambourin.
HACSU members value Disability Support Workers and oppose the application Mambourin has to terminate the current agreement.
If you're reading about this for the first time, the issue facing members is that the employer, Mambourin, have applied to the Fair work Commission (FWC) to terminate the current agreement and move all workers onto the SCHCADS modern award.
Mambourin have told workers that they cannot afford to pay for qualified staff. This is at a time when the NDIS pricing for services has increased, not decreased.

How can I support these workers_

We'll be rallying across the sector for support for all Mambourin workers to oppose the agreement termination.

The next hearing at the FWC will be held on Monday 10th February and Tuesday 11th February, 2020. This is when the FWC will decide if the current agreement will be terminated.
Our officials will be supporting both HACSU members and members of the Australian Education Union who will also be affected if the current agreement is terminated.
If the agreement is terminated, losses of wages and conditions will be faced by workers, including:

  • Two weeks loss of annual leave;
  • Eleven days loss of sick leave;
  • Seeking to employ lower qualified staff thereby reducing quality of care

To retain great workers and provide quality support to people with disabilities, all employers need to show they value and respect a good quality workforce by treating workers fairly.

If you have any questions or you'd like to get involved to provide support, please get in touch