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Take a look at this chart to see what Yooralla is really offering!


HACSU members successfully held the first ever stop work action. Members rallied at a BBQ in Clarendon Street Thornbury, whilst others from all across Victoria, stopped work in solidarity. All members who took part in this action should be incredibly proud of themselves. This is an important step toward telling Yooralla to Value Us! Stop Work action forces Yooralla senior management to step in and take notice of the staffing numbers and daily duties.

Standing together at a stop work also shows huge sign of solidarity. Yooralla think they can pay their staff the minimum wage and conditions and still get away with pretending like they value us. If Yooralla want to value their staff, they can begin by offering a decent EBA, instead of continually trying to mislead and intimidate staff, who are simply fighting for a fair go.

HACSU industrial officers are continuing to bargain for improved wages and conditions. However, in order to achieve the best outcome, we must grow our power on the ground.

HACSU strongly encourage all members to maintain the bans. Remember that if you or your fellow members are threatened, intimidated or directed to break the bans by management. Record, who, when, where and what, and let HACSU Assist know by calling 1300 651 931 or emailing

Protected action is completely lawful, HACSU will exercise our rights to take protected action in the Fair Work Commission if necessary.