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Team Meetings During COVID-19


Many members have raised questions about team meetings during COVID-19. Here are some of your more frequently asked questions.

To ensure consistency in advice and in procedure, we will always refer members back to Government advice, however these FAQ are specific to your industry.  If there is any confusion, please do not hesitate to contact HACSU. 


Q. Should my employer cancel my  monthly team-meeting?

A. In some instances it is necessary to cancel team meetings for compliance with Stage 3 Restrictions. Current government guidelines  for social distancing require that large meetings and gatherings are cancelled in the interest of enhancing safety. 


Q. Can the meeting still go ahead via another method?

A. Yes, your employer can hold a meeting by alternate means, for example, video or phone conferencing. Team meetings can also be conducted via a web based forum such s Skype or Zoom where necessary and where the systems are in place. 


Q. If my meeting is cancelled can I be directed to ‘make up’ the hours that I would normally be in a meeting?

A. Your employer might direct you to other duties within the time normally scheduled for a team meeting. However, these duties need to be within the normal scope of your duties. You should not be directed to make up the time on another day, or to take the time out of your rec leave or similar.


Q. If my employer cancels the meeting, will I still be paid for this time?

A. Yes, under the Fair Work Act, if an employer directs you away from your ordinary rostered hours of work, they are required to pay you for this time.


Q. My employer has cancelled my team meeting and docked my pay as a result. What should I do?

A. Members, call HACSU on 1300 651 931 or email your inquiry to 


Click here to download printable version of this FAQ. 

Team Meetings During COVID-19