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The Tipping Foundation / Vista EBA Update


HACSU and Tipping appeared before the Fair Work Commission today to discuss the backflip by Tipping that has resulted in delays to the EBA. Tipping have conceded that they did change their view after the parties agreed on the application of the Award, stating this was an “error” on their part and the employer has not been intentionally misleading. The employer wants to ensure “sustainability” and “viability” and to this end refuse to agree to including the Award.


In the interest of getting a decent EBA outcome for our members, HACSU has put a proposal to Tipping that the Agreement apply the minimum engagement provisions of the Award only, and only if they become more favourable to employees. Tipping will consider this and respond by the end of next week. In good faith, HACSU will keep the protected action bans lifted until we are able to determine the next steps.