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Upcoming union meetings for Home@Scope members


After bargaining since September 2021, HACSU is getting close to getting a full draft agreement with Home@Scope for your next EBA.

HACSU will be attending your team meetings over the coming months to go through this with you. We will also be holding additional online consultation meetings via Zoom — details were emailed today (search for "Union meetings for Home@Scope members" in your inbox).

At these meetings, after discussing the agreement, HACSU organisers will be holding endorsement votes. This is an initial vote of HACSU members, to endorse going forward with the proposed agreement. The next step after this is applying to the Fair Work Commission and having a formal vote of all Home@Scope employees.

You can click here to access a brief summary, which will be brought to the meetings alongside copies of the relevant clauses.

Going into negotiations for the DSEAV 2, we knew that this would largely be a rollover thanks to the hard work of HACSU members who won an eight-year deal on the previous agreement. This means that all your current hard-won conditions and entitlements remain — but alongside your protected conditions and entitlements, we’ve been able to secure further wins for members at Home@Scope.

If you have any questions regarding the EBA or this process, you'll be able to ask them at your team meetings or in the online sessions. In the meantime, as always, you can contact your organiser or get in touch with us at or on 1300 651 931.