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VMCH EBA Bargaining


One of a union's most important roles is bargaining, which is when we negotiate the conditions of work with our employers. HACSU represents you during bargaining.

VMCH has said they want to bargain a new agreement. That means it's time for workers to decide what we want a new agreement to look like.

As HACSU starts to meet with VMCH regularly, we need to know what matters to you when it comes to your working conditions.

We've set up a brief survey, which you can take below.

We'll be holding online town halls, and we're looking to visit as many worksites as possible. This is all to ensure we can build a picture of what workers need.

We'll be in touch with any updates or meeting invites.

If the survey below does not load, click this link.

If you'd like to learn more about the bargaining process, click here for a factsheet.