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Who's My HACSU Delegate?


Welcome to all the new HACSU members who have joined us over the past month! We’re happy to have you as part of our fantastic collective of workers across the diverse health and community services sector. We hope you’ll stick around a while and learn all the ways in which you can take part in collective actions and support your colleagues.

Some of the most important cogs in the HACSU machine are our delegates. A delegate is an elected union member at your workplace who can provide you with help and guidance. The union relies on these fantastic, supportive, knowledgeable humans to provide the necessary information and advocacy to ordinary members. Delegates are the scaffolding that keeps our house standing and the people inside it safe!

Think you might have a pay issue? Feel like you’re being treated unfairly by management? Or want to learn more about joining HACSU? Talk to your delegate!

We’ve also created this handy poster to put up in your workplace noticeboard that will help HACSU members identify your delegate. Click here or here to print the poster and share it with your colleagues.

If you’re keen to get more involved with the union, or wish to become a delegate, to aid and support to your fellow HACSU members, we’d love to hear from you

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