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Yooralla General Update


Changes to Payslips – Long Service Leave (LSL) Balances

HACSU wrote to Yooralla on the 24th of January following the organisation’s decision to make changes to all pay slips with the removal of Long Service Leave (LSL) balances. The intent of the union’s correspondence was to express concern that such a major change as comprehensive changes to employee records was not notified more adequately, with greater notice, information and consultation being provided to all employees. Yooralla has now responded to our communication that can be reported back to members. A number of questions were addressed to Yooralla, including:

  • Varying Hours/Payment of LSL

HACSU had asked for clarification of time period to be used by Yooralla as an employer, but Yooralla has failed to confirm what time period is utilised and has only stated that “the averaging of 1 or 5 years will not apply under the current agreement”. HACSU has again asked the question of Yooralla as to 12 months or five years, whichever is the greater, is to be used for determining quantum.

  • Multiple contracts

HACSU raised the issue of how long service leave will be calculated in instances where an employee holds or retains two or more contracts of employment with Yooralla. Yooralla’s response refers to how annual leave will be calculated, but not long service leave. HACSU has asked for clarification on behalf of members.

  • Calculations of LSL

HACSU had made it clear that the union was seeking commitment by Yooralla to provide employees at the time of LSL eligibility (at 7 years of service, at 10 years of service and then every 5 years thereafter) a summary of LSL accrual. It is disappointing that Yooralla have refused to agree to this reasonable request. Yooralla’s response indicates that balances will be available on request via a process that is not yet determined. HACSU has asked for information on the process that will be available to employees to request LSL balances and when and how the process will be enacted.

  • Retrospective Changes

HACSU communicated that HACSU members had informed their representative of retrospective changes to payslips, with LSL balances having been deleted on payslips produced in excess of 12 months prior. We sought information on this but Yooralla has merely stated that “the reason the changes are retrospective is due to the payroll system used by Yooralla”. HACSU has informed Yooralla that this is woefully inadequate as an explanation and indicates that Yooralla do not view seriously their obligation in relation to employee records and pay slips, as per the Fair Work Act. The Act is very clear about employer obligations to hold employee records, which must be accurate, comprehensive and available for inspection. HACSU has asked that Yooralla respond in detail as to why retrospective changes have been made to employee records without any notification to employees and made it clear that the union expects a commitment from Yooralla that where changes have been made, employees are provided with a comprehensive calculation of their LSL accrual/entitlement.

Please contact HACSU if you have been affected by unexplained changes to your payslips and LSL records.


Roster Reviews

HACSU is aware of Yooralla’s intention to initiate roster reviews across all services where Yooralla vie wit as necessary. Yooralla has told HACSU they will be reviewing breaks between shifts and maximum shift lengths. This is related to enterprise bargaining and is an attempt by Yooralla to enforce 10 hour breaks between shifts (or 8 hour breaks where it is a sleepover shift) and shifts being no longer than 10 hours (the current maximum shift length permitted is 12 hours). HACSU recently successfully halted one roster review after it was made apparent a Service Manager had told employees the roster was to be substantially altered but had failed to consult, follow due process or ensure that a review was necessary. This was only due to HACSU members contacting their union, so remember to contact us if you are concerned about proposed roster change as and what these might mean for you, your colleagues and the customers you support.


STAR Classification Review

STAR employees would have received notification from Yooralla that the review of classification descriptors, leading to revision and clarification of role descriptors, is to commence as per the STAR Agreement, that commits Yooralla to create a working party of representatives from Management and employees. Yooralla’s proposal is that a representative and a deputy be drawn from each team in which STAR employees work: Planning Business Development and Corporate Services; Quality Innovation and Safeguard; Administration employees (R&RSS, Community Services); Arts and Recreation; IT; Finance and Payroll; P&C; Family Options; and Pathways to Employment Supervisors. HACSU has notified Yooralla that it is the union’s expectation that in line with the Agreement, information will be shared with HACSU and opportunities for feedback provided.