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Yooralla: consultation is ongoing, do not sign new contracts


Consultation on new contracts is ongoing - 


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Last week HACSU officials met with senior Yooralla management to discuss the issues that have been raised with the contracts. Progress was made on changing the contracts for future employees and HACSU officials are waiting for Yooralla to send through a revised draft.

However, Yooralla has stated they are unwilling to update the contract for existing employees, citing cost as the reason. It is disappointing that Yooralla won’t send out new contracts with changes that they are including for new employees.

As a result, HACSU’s advice remains the same - do not sign the contracts!

There is no impact to your work, or your pay and conditions, if your contract remains unsigned.

By leaving it blank it sends a message to Yooralla management that your views must be considered when make changes like this.


If you need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact HACSU Assist on 9340 4100 or email