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Your working entitlements over the holiday period!


Wages and entitlements can be confusing, especially when you're reading about them in your EBA.

We've put together some handy information on your entitlements over the holiday period which you can download and print to put up in your office!

Over this time, it's important to reflect on the role you play as a member of HACSU. Being a strong union means we can continue to work towards better working conditions as a collective! 

Don't forget to chat to your colleagues who may or may not be working over this period about the importance of being a union member.

Without unions and the collective activism we bring, we wouldn't have benefits such as annual leave and public holiday pay!

Click on the links below for your workplace/role to download a flyer with more information!

DHHS Disability 

Mental Health Nurses

Mental Health Admin & Allied Health

Mental Health PSOs