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Authorised Worker Permits


From 11:59 PM on Tuesday 17 August, employers that require their staff to attend a worksite must issue a worker permit to their employees – this is the employer’s responsibility. Advice on how to access the authorised worker permit can be found here:

Sole traders act as both employer and employee and can issue their own permits. Sub-contractors should check with the operator of their work premises, to confirm if the operator is the main contractor or if they're functioning as a sole trader.

Make sure to thoroughly read the Victorian Government webpage, so you understand your responsibilities.

If you are rostered to attend work and you have not been provided with a permit, please contact your line manager as soon as possible to request they provide you with a permit.

Questions and Answers:


Do I need a Permitted Worker Permit?
If you are an authorised worker in Melbourne, and you are working outside the home — you need a permit. You must carry it when commuting to and from work.
If you are working from home, or not working — you do not need a permit.
A letter from your employer will not be sufficient, you will need this specific permit.

How do I get a permit?
Your employer must provide the permit. They will complete a form, and then provide it to you to be signed via paper copy, email or SMS. You can sign with a pen or digitally. 

What happens if I am stopped by police without a permit?
You may face an on-the-spot fine of up to $1,817 (for individuals) and up to $10,904 (for businesses). Sole traders can face higher penalties as businesses.
As of 5 PM 17/08/21, the Victorian Government webpage says "An employee may travel to work without a worker permit once to get their first permit." Please continue to check the Victorian Government website for the most up to date information.

I’m a casual worker and my shifts aren’t set ahead of the next week.
Employers may need to issue worker permits for specified date ranges for workers who do not have regular hours.
If this means that your employer needs to issue separate worker permits for new rostering periods, you will need to carry your old worker permit, to ensure authorities can verify with their employer that they are on their way to work.

What if I pick up a shift that’s not listed on my permit?
Employees that are unexpectedly called in outside of their specified hours can attend their workplace. 
They will need to carry the worker permit they do have, to ensure authorities can verify with their employer that they are on their way to work.

Can I use my workplace ID instead of a permit?
Some people are not required to carry a permit under the scheme, including certain emergency services, public safety and health workers. These people can use their photographic personal identification from their place of work as evidence of their permitted worker status.
This specifically includes hospital staff and health workers.
For HACSU members, this means members working in hospitals can use their hospital ID. 

I work across multiple employers or sites, is that permitted?
Employers should minimise any requirement for workers to work at different sites.

Where possible, if a person is working regularly across the same locations, their permit should specify the sites they attend. Each worksite will need a separate contact person.

If a person’s permit is checked, the police may contact their employer to confirm the employee’s permitted workplaces, including where they need to travel beyond their primary place of work on that day.

An employee working at more than one site must keep a log of the places visited including date, time and place of attendance.

I am an essential worker and have children at school/childcare.
Childcare, family day care, early learning centres and kinders will remain open. A permit is not required.

Someone else drives me to and from work.
An adult can take an authorised worker to and from their place of work without a worker permit, if the worker is their dependant or a person they live with. If needed, authorities must be able to confirm that travel is in accordance with the worker permit

What should I do if I'm worried about my safety?
If you are concerned that your workplace is unsafe for you to attend, you should contact WorkSafe.
In rare circumstances where an employee is at risk at home, an employee does not need a worker permit. This includes in a situation of family violence.

What should I do if I have any questions?

  1. Contact your line manager, supervisor or HR department and ask them questions.
  2. If you’re still unable to get your questions answered, contact HACSU Assist on 1300 651 931 or
    • Please note that HACSU cannot issue permits.

For more information, or to download a copy of the Permitted Worker Permit, go to