HACSU, the only union that understands mental health

We don’t only fight for wages and conditions. We fight for better mental health services.

HACSU recognises that quality service provision comes from the sector as a whole. That’s why HACSU represents everyone who works in mental health, including nurses, health professionals, admin and clerical workers, consumer/carer consultants and the peer workforce.

HACSU was formed over 100 years ago as the union for workers in the historic mental asylums. Over time this psychiatry has been recognised as a specialist profession, and workers have stood together as a union to maintain working conditions specific to mental health.

As a specialist union, HACSU can provide specific knowledge and services to achieve the best outcomes for workers, consumers and the broader community.

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The new Public Mental Health EBA is now in effect! Click to learn more.

Royal Commission

Click here to visit the Royal Commission into Mental Health's website, where you'll find factsheets on the outcomes and what they mean for mental health workers and all Victorians.

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Dear Ministers, The COVID-19 pandemic has now moved from an emergency/acute response phase into a period of rolling waves of hopefully lower peaks but with a baseline of significant ongoing burden on the health system.


We've put together a quick reference guide for penalty rates and other conditions for our largest agreements including Public Mental Health & the DSEAV.


The Centre for Mental Health Learning is running free online training for the public clinical mental health and wellbeing workforce.


Mental health workers should not be left worse off for moving between public mental health services during bargaining.


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A new public holiday has been declared for September 22nd, additional to the existing public holiday on September 23rd — and as with every public holiday…


The new Victorian Public Mental Health Services. Enterprise Agreement is now in effect — meaning members have two pay rises coming their way…


Updated info on the winter retention payment for public health workers in Victoria.