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Member Benefits

Be a part of something bigger.

Membership of HACSU entitles you to a vast range of benefits, from professional indemnity insurance to free legal advice. See below for our full range of member benefits.

Please note that these benefits are only available to financial members of HACSU. If you're not a financial member and have an existing workplace issue, please read our non-members policy.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance
Get peace of mind that you will be covered at work

Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) is a form of liability insurance that protects you at work. Insurance is necessary for any professional working in the health sector, especially those who work with vulnerable people. PII will provide you with the legal protection and support you will need if there is an issue with your professional practice at work. Issues may include medication errors, client deaths, if a client sues you and so on. 

Some employers may offer PII; however, it is vital to recognise that it will always act in the employer's interests before the worker. This means that employees can be used as a 'scapegoat' if it will protect the employer. 

HACSU members are insured for up to $20 million in individual indemnity.

HACSU's insurance provides members with the peace of mind that you will always be covered. 

However, an essential reminder that you will only be covered if you notify an incident as soon as you are aware of a potential issue. 

You must notify the union as soon as possible to avoid rejection by the insurer.

Even if no claim needs to be made initially, we must know so you are covered in the event that something changes and you do need to claim. 


Member Advantage Discount Portal
Get access to the Member Advantage website where you can buy discounted vouchers for products ranging from glasses, gift cards, holidays, movie tickets and gym memberships.

Being a HACSU member provides you with access to thousands of discounts, benefits and offers on groceries, fuel, health insurance, tech products, whitegoods, sporting goods, motor vehicles and so much more. Using Member Advantage for your regular grocery shop and fuel top ups can save you hundreds a year (if not more)!

Click here to go to your Member Advantage Portal now!

Collective Bargaining
Through collective bargaining members can improve wages and conditions in an EBA

Collective bargaining is the process by which employers and employees negotiate an enterprise bargaining agreement (EBA). An EBA is an employment agreement that contains the details of your wages and conditions. 

Unfortunately, employers do not simply offer employees pay increases and improved conditions. Better conditions are something union members’ campaign for. This is the core business of the union. The more union members from your workplace, the stronger your EBA outcomes will be. 

Individual representation
Don’t get left out on your own, HACSU have your back!

Getting called into a meeting with the boss can be scary. What are they going to say? Will you be put on the spot? What if they ask you to sign something you’re not sure about? Get representation and support from those who know your rights! 

In important disciplinary meetings and processes, HACSU will provide members with ongoing support and representation to see that members know their rights and any outcomes are fair. 

Speak to someone who can help!
HACSUassist provide a telephone assistance and support service for all members

Do you know your rights under the fair work act? Do you understand which industry award covers your work? Perhaps you have a question about something your boss has told you. Get on the phone or email HACSUassist to get help. HACSUassist provide a phone and email based service for members to assist them with questions, concerns, minor workplace disputes and other matters. 

Sector advocacy
HACSU advocates and campaigns for the continued improvement and resources for people with mental illnesses and disabilities.

HACSU advocates and campaigns for the continued improvement and resources for people with mental illnesses and disabilities. HACSU use political influence and campaigning to lobby on important matters affecting our sectors. HACSU was a major voice behind deinstitutionalisation in the early nineties, and more recently, a quality NDIS. 

Ongoing collective support and campaigning
Collective workplace matters don’t stop at the EBA

Collective workplace matters don’t stop at the EBA; get continued support at work from HACSU's field organisers. HACSU field organisers work on the road, holding workplace meetings, battling with management and providing members with support and representation on a collective and individual level. 

Tax deductible
All membership fees are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

One of the benefits of being a member of the Health and Community Services Union is that your union membership is fully tax deductible. That means you can claim your membership as a work-related expense, saving you money at tax time.

Be a part of something bigger
Join HACSU, join the community!

By joining HACSU you are joining a community of professional disability and mental health workers who are actively working toward improving workers' conditions and outcomes for the vulnerable people who rely on our services.

Not only are you provided with support and protection, but you will be giving back to the community who rely on the hard-working disability and mental health professionals across Victoria! 

Legal advice
Get discounted legal advice and a free consultation.

HACSU members can get access to a free consultation with Slater and Gordon Lawyers. Members also have access to free will kits and other great discounts on legal services.

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Counselling and mental health support
Get access to free, 24/7 counselling and mental health support.

When your job is caring for others, your own wellbeing can sometimes fall by the wayside. Being a HACSU member gives you and your family access to free, 24/7 counselling and mental health support.

We know that EAPs provided by bosses often aren’t up to scratch, so we’ve partnered with Hunterlink — a unique, not-for-profit EAP, devoted to workers' wellbeing.

To access the service, just call 1800 554 654 and let them know you’re a HACSU member. No other information is required.

Click here to learn more about the services available through Hunterlink!